2010 - 2011
LINK, NCR, Metropolitan Police Westminster and Royal Bank of Scotland

DACRC collaborated with key stakeholders to develop new design approaches to reduce ATM Crime. The project initially started in 2010 when the Metropolitan Police in Hammersmith asked DACRC to help reduce ATM crime. The police had previously introduced ATM safety zone boxes or yellow painted warning lines to indicate space for ATM users and guide other pedestrians to stand at a clear distance - but these were viewed by local banks and businesses as bad for business because they had negative connotations for customers about local safety.

Through collaboration with artist Steve Russell, new artistic imagery was created that could be placed in front of an ATM to create a safe space for users. ATM users and other pedestrians in Hammersmith adjusted quickly to these aesthetic behavioural ‘nudges’ and the artworks were viewed as positive, innovative and even amusing.

Two men are stood at ATM machines in an indoor shopping centre. Both are stood on a illustrated mat with a water design that extends out behind them


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