Sept 2018 - Mar 2023
Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service

The Cell Furniture project was developed as a response to the urgent need to improve safety in UK prisons. The project has generated a range of anti-vandalism and anti-suicide measures in cell furniture, some co-designed with prisoners, that also aim to increase user wellbeing, be easy to use and sustainable to produce.
 This project undertook a collaborative and multi-stakeholder engagement process with prison staff, prisoners and designers to innovate current cell furniture designs. The scope of the project additionally increased the innovative and operational capacity of the UK prison estate, with designs that can and are being produced within prisons.

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Cell Furniture website – forthcoming
Cell Furniture new designs – forthcoming

Grey wall with white text that reads Cell Furniture, Designs for Safety, Wellbeing and Sustainability. To the right of this text is a line drawing of a chair in a square with a triangular roof. To the right of this is an open wood door with a small vertical window slit

V shaped wooden structure with a door featuring a small vertical window slit
Wooden bunk bed showing a person sat leaning down over the top bunk and a person lying horizontal on the bunk below


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