Is your business looking for inspiration and knowledge about innovative solutions to wicked problems, or imaginative versions of the future and learning through collaborative design?

Here are the different ways you can partner with our expert team and immerse yourself in the creativity and talent of our wide community of designers, design researchers, graduates and students.


Our expert team works with you on a commission basis to generate unique research insights informing bespoke design solutions that address specific business needs, tap into new market opportunities, and/or extend your services.


Whether you come from government, business or civil society, we will co-create new ideas and explore solutions with you that democratise innovation and knowledge through design that is socially responsive, collaborative, and participatory.    

We pride ourselves in bringing together, and working collaboratively, with multi-stakeholder groups to address the complex challenges we face as a society together. Also to generate greater knowledge exchange that helps us to imagine and create more aspiring futures now.   


We can help you apply for KTP funding. Here, the government supports the majority of your costs to employ a graduate, under the mentorship of our academic team, to support your organisation in making a transformational step-change.


You can access our global community of students by funding a design project with one of our courses at University of the Arts London. This will generate new ideas as emerging design students apply their skills and talent to benefit your business, generating a plethora of creative solutions that help you while also helping students develop their design practice.


One or more graduates are employed by us to work for you guided by our expert academics to design context-specific solutions for your business.


We design bespoke creative learning courses for your team or wider staff. These help unlock the transferable skills needed for your team, or community of learners to become more resilient in an increasingly complex and changing world through creativity, making, and play.

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