Mar 2014 - Feb 2016
EU Commission, Seventh Framework Programme

Tackling graffiti vandalism has huge financial implications for European city administrators, public transport services, local law enforcement and other stakeholders. More effective and holistic approaches are required to combat illegal graffiti and understand vandalism problems, as well as sharing and innovating new codes of conduct and responses that allow for positive approaches to street art in the right places.
DACRL developed ‘Graffolution’, an extensive set of collaborative tools and resources for city organisations to increase their knowledge base. This included case studies and other methods of evidencing successful practice. One feature was an interactive ‘Open Information Hub’ aimed at local communities, citizens and graffiti writers to bolster public awareness and prevent illegal spraying activities. 


Graffolution banner in orange text. Underneath Graffolution are the words Understand. Collaborate. Improve. To the right is an orange block spray can with three line next to it


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