Security Building Measures for Urban Living (eBenk)

2015 - 2017
The Institute of Transport Economics (TØI)
In 2015, DACRL was one of 9 project partners working on Oslo City Council’s proposed ‘Towards 2030 - smart, secure and green’ plan by reducing fear in the city. The plan involved various measures to ensure citizens felt safer, but in order for specific decisions to be made on the design of public space, a broader and more targeted repertoire of ‘tools’ would be needed. The aim of this project was to enhance this repertoire through innovation. 
DACRL’s role included contextual research so that Oslo’s citizens have access to attractive, diverse and an easy-to-use city space. DACRL responded to the research through the design and evaluation of park and street furniture. Through engagement in collaborative workshops to gain feedback with experts in this area, DACRL’s design responses were iterated and prototyped for deployment and evaluation in 2016 and 2017. The Vibrant Secure Function Framework was also developed for the project.


Side profile of oval shaped low bench with two vertical rods in the middle of the bench emitting light
Side profile of oval shaped bench with an icon of a lightning port and wifi. Text underneath the symbols reads


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